The Georgia Tech Sports Analysis, Business, and Research Group (GTSABR) strives to engage students in conducting research on the business of sports. Through writing blog articles, attending relevant conferences, and networking with industry professionals and guest speakers we strive to promote interest in the sports industry. GTSABR will be a resource for anyone interested in analysis of current events in sports or those looking for educational, internship, and career opportunities in the field.*

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*Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed on this website are those of the group and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Georgia Institute of Technology.



  1. WRAB

    Interesting Idea. You guys should defiinetly do some stuff with some of the fan groups around Gatech, like the swarm for football/the mcnamish maniacs for bball/ etc.
    And will there be a section on Gatech intramurals (like for the competitive sports of soccer, basketball, or flag football?)

    • gtsabrgroup

      Funny you should mention it, most of the people in this club are actually the founding members of McCamish Manics.

      For now we are going to stick with the sections that we do have, but when we grow the club we may evolve to covering the more competitive IM sports.

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